Ethernet Private Line

Ethernet Private Line (EPL) service is a reliable, flexible, high bandwidth alternative to traditional (T1, DS3, OC3) private lines enabling customers to connect to their colocated equipment using lower cost, higher quality fiber optics.

Generic EPL Technical Diagarm

EPL provides secure, dedicated connectivity between locations.  Optional path and equipment redundancy can be provided for added reliability.  EPL service is flexible and scalable from 100M to 100G with most providers.

Common Problems Resolved with EPL

  • Latency issues and/or packet loss
  • Point to Point or Multi-Point Designs provide the ability to connect multiple office locations to collocated equipment, hybrid cloud solutions, and/or business critical applications
  • Close security holes inadvertently created by sharing connectivity with others. Connectivity is dedicated to your organization only
  • Priority support provided with up time guarantee ensuring quality of service
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