Engineering Services

Need More?

Most plans come with everything you will need to colocate your equipment.  If you do need additional services or upgrades, we can provide them easily at any time.

Data Services

Backup Service
  • Backup your important data and files on our multi-Terabyte Network Attached Storage server using our backup client.
  • Setup point-to-point connections between your business and our data facility to move backups offsite.
  • Provision backup systems in our data facility and utilize our fiber optic network to move backup data to the cloud.
  • Deploy storage area networks (SANs) to accommodate large amounts of data in one rack.
Bandwidth Upgrades
  • Capability for variable bandwidth depending on the businesses needs.
  • Bring your own provider to our carrier neutral facility.
  • Dedicated circuit(s) to isolate your bandwidth for your use only are also available.
  • Traffic shaping is also available to tailor to your specific application requirements.
IP Address Upgrades and Monitoring
  • We have the ability to provision IP addresses as needed based upon your business justification.
  • Establish an internal subnet as needed to ensure private communication for multiple devices.
  • 24/7 monitoring of your connected devices in the datacenter allowing for peace of mind around the clock.

Expert Engineering

Consulting Services
  • Expert consultation available concerning securing infrastructure, cleaning up compromised websites and applications, point-to-point connectivity, cost effective backup solutions, and disaster recovery planning.
Remote Hand
  • Allow our trained engineering staff to provide managed services at any time of day.
  • We can help with system configurations, software configurations, new hardware installation, VPN setup, and more.


Managed Dedicated Firewalls & Intrusion Detection
  • Choose from our selection of firewalls dedicated to your server or rack and we’ll manage it for you. Intrusion Detection and Application Layer Security is also available for top-notch protection with easy management.
  • Bring your own security appliance and our expert engineers can manage it for you.
Rack Equipment
  • We can provide racks for any configuration.
  • We have mounting brackets, trays, shelves, cable organization tools, and more on hand.
  • Customize your rack configuration using one or more power connections, multiple network connections, and mounting the way you want it.
Remote Reboot Outlets
  • Reboot your server at any time using our remote power switches making maintenance windows easier.
  • Full Racks can add a 24-port Remote Reboot Power Distribution Unit to their rack.
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