Ethernet Virtual Private Line

Ethernet virtual private line (EVPL) service is comparable to Ethernet private line (EPL) service, but it uses a virtual connection that is multiplexed to link multiple EVPL circuits together. EVPL service is perfect for companies needing to connect locations in a point to point or multi-point configuration. EVPL pricing is not based on distance, therefore, it’s an ideal choice for remote locations and global networks.

Generic EVPL Technical Diagram

The primary topology of EVPL service is the “hub-and-spoke” model. All data is transmitted through the Ethernet virtual connection to one dedicated hub. This single network allows data traffic to be centered on one primary location or a data facility, providing quick, reliable, and secure access to any or all branch offices and other connected facilities via EVPL circuits.

EVPL circuits are often used with an array of other standard network connections. These connections provide standard internet access, while the EVPL services are reserved for data facility traffic and other mission-critical applications. This provides multi-location companies with the ability to quickly and easily consolidate network management, reduce data network costs, and streamline network configuration to maximize efficiency and quality of service.

Common Problems Resolved With EVPL

  • Latency issues and/or packet loss
  • Bandwidth congestion
  • Allocate bandwidth to multiple types of applications and data
  • Point to Point or Multi-Point Designs provide the ability to connect multiple office locations to collocated equipment, hybrid cloud solutions, and/or business critical applications
  • More cost-effective than EPL
  • Close security holes inadvertently created by sharing connectivity with others. Connectivity is dedicated to your organization only
  • Priority support provided with up time guarantee ensuring quality of service


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